The company is hyundai and the industry is automoble


Suggested Length: 5 pages

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The purpose of the Porter’s analysis is to identify the reasons why your industry is profitable or not through the analysis of the main drivers of competition in the industry.

You have to specifically answer to this question:

Why is my industry profitable or not profitable?

To perform the Porter’s analysis, describe in detail how each of the five core competitive forces apply to your industry:

• Suppliers

• Buyers

• Substitutes

• New Entrants

• Internal rivalry

Remember to provide your explicit evaluation of each competitive force. For instance, do not simply describe the suppliers or buyers but tell me if you think that supplier power is high or low and explain me how it is likely to positively or negatively affect profitability in the industry. Summarize your analysis in at least one paragraph where you integrate all of your discussion and tell us how you see the industry.

Specific Evaluation Criteria:

• High level of detail.

• Variety of sources of information.

• Validity of the analysis (your evaluation of the main factors is correct and well justified).

• Factual-based evidence: try to report as much quantitative and objective evidence as possible to support your claims. Do not be generic and abstract but concrete and specific.For instance, if you claim that investments in the industry have decreased over the last 5 years, provide evidence to show the extent to which they have decreased and explain why.

• Be consistent. Show me that you use similar judgment, similar level of detail and similar quality for all forces considered. Show me that you perform a team exercise in which everyone adjusts and improves each other’s work and not in which everyone independently performs a piece of work.

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