The current issues assignments

The current issues assignments are designed as a way for students to demonstrate the importance of cultural anthropology in gaining a global perspective on economic and cultural issues.  In order to complete this assignment you must choose a current issue (local, regional, national, international news) that you would like to explore (you can bring in a newspaper article, blog, notes from a TV news source, etc.). Be prepared to discuss your current issue in class on days where the topic is labeled “Exploring current issues.” On those days we will hold a discussion where students will consider the current issue they have chosen in light of anthropological perspectives.  You will then write an essay where you will 1) describe and summarize various perspectives on the issue you have chosen (remember, anthropology is a holistic discipline so it is important to consider all sides of a debate) and 2) offer up your own analysis of the current issue. Do you have any bias for or against a particular perspective? If so, why? i need one paragraph!

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