The History of American Corrections

American corrections have developed along with the economic capacity and societal norms of the country. As it became financially feasible, reformers of successive eras looked for ways to rehabilitate offenders and return them to society as productive members. Yet every era has seen its trends come and go. The history of corrections is one of constantly evolving methods.

Create a timeline to show the history of American corrections. At a minimum, your timeline must identify the various eras of American corrections models, describe the strengths and weaknesses of each model, and list events that caused these models to evolve. Include a final entry on your timeline–“The Future”–in which you speculate on what the next trends in American corrections will be.

To create your timeline, you may choose to use an online timeline creation tool such as Tiki-Toki, Timeglider, or ReadWriteThink’s timeline creation tool for students. Or, you may draw your timeline by hand and scan it for upload to the dropbox. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can use your phone. See “Five Best Mobile Document Scanning Apps” (Alan Henry, LifeHacker) for more information.

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