The Impact of Employees relationship on work Performance

The Assignment title is “The Impact of Employees relationship on work Performance”

critically analyze the literatures related to the topic and the objectives of the study.

Formulate the research question or the research objectives of the chosen topic.

Make your arguments on the literatures presented that are related to the topic and objectives or that directly answer research question.

Literatures must be properly cited to make a study credible.

Draw the conclusion that directly addresses the problem posed by the research question or objectives.

The report must include the following:

1) Introduction 250 words

Three paragraphs

a. Two paragraphs / literature’s about the title

Comprehensive, relevant, and coherent concepts relating to the topic with appropriate in-text citations.

b. One paragraph for the objectives

Clearly stated objective/s or Statement of the problem.

2) Literature reviews 1500 words

a. Problems, issues, and limitations

Logical organisation of literature’s and materials relating and directly addressing the topic, problem, or objectives of the study with evidence of a wide range of appropriate readings in the selected subject area.

Relevant analysis and interpretations of the cited literature’s with a clear link to the current study.

Use graphics, tables, charts to substantiate discussion

3) conclusion 250 words

a. Highlights of the key concepts presented in the literature review and introduction

b. clear statement reflecting how the objectives and the problem has been addressed in the study.

** Total Word Count = 2000 words Only.

** In-text Citation and References Using Harvard Style.

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