The Insanity Plea in America, 6 page paper.

1) There is no one rubric for an excellent term paper for there are many different topics with many different approaches. Some may take a legalistic approach, others an historical approach, still others may take a comparative approach. A rubric for all would just stifle your creativity.

2) That said, good papers have three things in common. An introduction that sets the stage for the paper and grabs the reader’s (my) attention. It should explain why your topic is important and the approach you are taking, but not be very long – especially in a paper this short! Second, a good paper has a middle that shows me you have thoroughly researched the topic (Don’ forget APA style referencing). Third and finally, a good paper has a comprehensive analysis and conclusion exercising your critical thinking skills (and more than just a couple of lines at the end).


Research Paper approved topic: The Insanity Plea in America

  • 5 to 6 pages in length, plus a title page and reference page (6-7 total pages).
  • 12 point font using Times New Roman.
  • 1” margins, doubled spaced.
  • APA format.
  • Five sources must be used. Wikipedia may not be used as a resource.
  • All sources must be properly listed and identified in a reference page in alphabetical order.
  • You must cite your sources (author’s last name and year) throughout your paper or you will risk a failing grade on your paper.

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