Topic: Consumer behavior

Topic: Consumer behavior

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Group Assignment 1 (Due October 28)

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For both group assignments you should make a group of 2-3 students.

For assignment 12, you will investigate one of the consumer trends identified below in the list and you are assigned a trend alphabetically according to your first


Plan to do research in other information sources (such as the library, talking to people, interviewing business people, contacting trade groups, surfing the net,

conducting a survey, etc.) to document the trend you are given. For example, research a notable product or company that epitomizes/reflects your trend, then locate

quality articles that describe the latest of what’s happening in that industry as it reflects consumer behavior.

Evidence of the trend can be provided through any of the following: products, promotional examples, pricing, market segments, retailing, shifts in consumer behavior

that may result from marketing activities. You may also incorporate information on how the trend may be undermined by other, competing trends and/or identify how the

trend is evolving or generating a new trend. Finally, you may incorporate more than one trend in your paper IF they are inter-related, e.g. cocooning with little

luxuries is shown in the trends in home furnishings and aromatherapy environments. The paper should be no more than 3 double-spaced pages in length (not including

references, or any exhibits, etc.)

Complete your assignment on one of the trends listed below according to the first name using the following rule. Choose the person in the group whose first name comes

first alphabetically, and then:

If his or her first name begins with A to C, then the group is assigned
Cocooning. Consumers are shielding themselves from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world and creating safe, homelike environments.

First name begins: D to F
Clanning. Consumers seek comfort and reinforcement of those who share their values and beliefs €“ or even their interests.

First name begins: G to I
Egonomics. Feeling unconnected in the depersonalized information age, consumers are drawn to customized, individualized products and services.

First name begins: J to M
99 Lives. Consumers are forced to assume multiple roles to cope with the time pressures produced by every busier roles.

First name begins: N to R
Being Alive. Recognizing the importance of wellness, consumers embrace the concept of not only a longer but a better overall quality of life.

First name begins: S to Z
S.O.S. (Save Our Society). Concerned with the fate of the planet, consumers respond to marketers who exhibit a social conscience attuned to ethics, environment, and


Total Marks: 15

Evaluation of Assignments:

Assignments will be evaluated on the following criteria: appropriate application of consumer behaviour concepts, logical development of conclusions and implications,

originality, and quality of the written report (including coherence, grammar, spelling and typing).

In completing both your assignments, please follow the instructions given below. Ignoring any of the rules below will lead to a deduction of 2 points as penalty for

each rule:

1- Do not violate the page limit. Text must be double spaced.
2- Do not use a file cover or assignment cover. Only staple your assignment
pages. Make sure to staple your assignment, or else there will be a penalty.
3- Include a running header with your name and student number.
4- Write your name exactly as it appears on your student ID.
5- Include a title page with your names and student ID numbers.
6- Make sure to number your pages.
7- Use New Times Roman fonts number 12, 1 inch margins all around.
8- Do not leave too much white space between the two paragraphs
9- Do not use bullet points. Use complete thoughts and sentences. Violation of
this rule can result in greater marks deducted.

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