Toxicology Article Critique

Unit III Article Critique

You are to choose an article from the CSU Online Library database. The article may cover a topic presented in this unit. The article itself must be more than one page in length.

Some suggested topics include:

  •   environmental case studies,

  •   environmental toxicology,

  •   environmental chemistry,

  •   environmental exposure to pollutants,

  •   persistent chemicals in the environment,

  •   environment and toxicology, or

  •   pollution and health effects. The assignment must include the following components:

  1. a brief introduction to the article,

  2. a summary and analysis of the key points of the article,

  3. a decision on whether or not the article supports the concepts as presented in the textbook, and

  4. a summary of the article’s conclusions and your own opinions.

The assignment must be a minimum of two pages but no more than four pages in length, double-spaced, and in APA style. Ensure you use APA references and in-text citations in your critique. 

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