Two Papers


Task 1


Watch the two videos “The Outsider” and “I am Jazz”, and write about the following:


–           Draw parallels between the characters in The Outsider & the lead character in I am Jazz .   In what ways are their identity crises similar?   In what ways are their identity crises different?  


Can you relate to either one of their experiences from an identity perspective? If so, how?


(NOTE: I am not saying that you need to be Amish and/or have a gender identity crisis to relate to these movies; I am rather asking you to compare your identity experiences either the characters in these movies)




It should be about 300 – 350 words


Don’t forget to cite from this week’s articles, and the videos




Video links:


“I am Jazz.”


“The Outsiders: Amish Teens” (Note: You must watch all 7 parts on YouTube).




This week’s articles: Attached






Task 2


This week, you read Why are all of the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? ( Tatum, 1999), and Feminine Ideals (Lamb, 2001).   I am asking that you choose only one of these articles and answer the following questions:


Q1: What struck you most about this article? Why?


Q2: Can you personally relate to the discussion in this article? If so, how? If you cannot, why not?


Q3: How does this article contribute to your overall understanding of adolescent identity development?


A conclusion


(Total of 4 paragraphs , each about 200 words )




Don’t forget to cite from the readings, you might also relate to the previous readings and draw from them



Articles: Attached


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