University of north texas 4741 final capstone.

Hi i am looking for this assignment, however i am unable to find it. University of north texas 4741 final capstone. below is the assignment question

ATPI Professional Development & Occupational Specialization Explanation

It is possible future potential employers will not know about nor understand a BAAS degree versus a BA or BS. Students will produce a professional explanation of their entire BAAS program for potential employers. Additionally, using their degree plan, students will give explanations of each class taken (included in your degree plan – 120 Hours) for the degree and how their overall coursework will benefit a potential employer within the context of the job for which the student is applying. Students should particularly pay special attention to each course taken in the Occupational Specialization and Professional Development portions of the degree (but must include the university core classes) and how these classes contribute to future career goals. This will be an extensive document five to seven that must include these headings: Introduction, University Core Courses, Occupational Specialization Courses, Professional Development Courses, and Summary.

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