Verizon Communications Inc., an American Telecommunications giant, is a leader in connecting millions of people, companies and communities across the…

Verizon Communications Inc., an American Telecommunications giant, is a leader in connecting millions of people, companies and communities across the globe through their powerful network technology. They pride themselves as “innovators, technologist, problem-solvers and Engineers” According to Verizon’s website, “not many companies get the chance to change the industry and the world through constant change in technology and innovation and at such a rapid speed”. Verizon aims to make a “positive impact on society” as it continues to grow its business across the globe, serving both??.

After months of exploratory talks about a potential northern expansion, Verizon said it has no intention of entering Canada, removing a deep-pocketed bidder just two weeks before Ottawa kicks off the spectrum-auction process for new wireless services. This leaves the Conservative government’s goal for the wireless market i.e. to creating a fourth viable competitor in every region of the country – out of reach for now. Citing stiff competition from the big three wireless providers – Bell, Telus and Rogers.  

In June, Verizon tabled a preliminary $700-million (Canadian) offer for Wind and signed a non-disclosure agreement with Mobilicity as part of early stage takeover talks with the struggling start-up carriers, according to sources familiar with the discussions. Those moves followed a pivotal meeting between Verizon and Industry Canada about potential wireless opportunities for Canadian customers.  

Telus’s chief corporate officer, Josh Blair, said that Verizon’s decision to forgo expansion into the Canadian market is “not at all” a relief, saying his company remains deeply concerned with Ottawa’s plans to forge ahead with a spectrum auction that critics say will hand foreign players an unfair advantage. “So for the good of all Canadians, especially rural Canadians, we need to see the spectrum rules changed.”

Verizon’s inability to get in the Canadian wireless market has not dampen their spirit. Verizon has since acquired Yahoo’s web media business, which it hopes will enhance its advertising and content business. The company’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, is also seeking an answer to the AT&T/Time Warner tie-up; he said publicly he believes a merger between his company and cable provider Charter Communications would make sense. Verizon has in the last year considered 10 different potential mergers, according to Bloomberg.

In April 2018, Verizon struck a deal with Corning to purchase up to 37.2 million miles of optical fiber and related hardware over the next three years, with Verizon planning to use that fiber to boost capacity and lower delay in its wireless network. Verizon also acquired Niddel Corporation to add security detection and response capabilities for their business customers. In 2017 Verizon acquired XO Communications fiber optic and Straight Path Spectrum Communications Inc to enhance and boost wireless services to its business customers. 

And these are only a few of the ways in which Verizon Telecommunications continue to expand its business to better serve its customers.

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