Media Project
There is a media project due for this course. Please view media of
your choice (for example a film, netflix, youtube) Then, you must
provide your critical reaction to the media. This paper should be at
least 4 pages with one-inch margins, page numbers, and 12 point,
Times New Roman font. You should also include a heading at the top
of the page (i.e., name, course, reflection #1, and date).

If you ‘re stuck when writing the critical reaction part of your answer,
consider addressing one or more of these questions:

What part of the reading was the most meaningful to you?

What did you completely agree with, and what made you
really angry?

What ideas can you think of to change or improve the kind
of victimization we learned about this week?

Have you seen popular media (TV, movies, websites,
YouTube) that address the issues of victimization we learned
about this week? How


To make this paper work I suggest using a documentary or movie like Making a Murder on netflix (doesnt have to be that but it would work very well here). There must be a victim of a crime to make this work so please do your due diligence. I will be uploading power points that you must glance through and use key concepts from the powerpoint in the paper. I also suggest glancing through the powerpoints first so that you can look up documentaries or videos that are applicable to what must be included. Please reply to me with what documentary or movie you will be using along with some concepts of the ppt you will be using so that I can ensure this paper is done correctly. Lastly, paper must be all the way at the bottom of page 4 to be considered a legitimate 4 page paper. The professor is very strict about this. Thank you in advance and i appreciate the work


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