Watch Video, Answer 3 Questions


Warby Parker is a retailer of low-cost, stylish eyeglasses. Its mission is to bring affordable eyewear to the masses. Recognizing that social responsibility must reflect a firm’s place in the larger world, Warby Parker partnered with VisionSpring and donates one pair of eyeglasses for each pair that the company sells. To date, VisionSpring has donated 1.6 million pairs of eyeglasses with a half-million pairs coming from Warby Parker.

The Prompt:

Review the Warby Parker video at the following link (opens in a new window).

Respond to the following questions in the discussion forum:

  1. What dimensions stand out in measuring the corporate social responsibility of Warby Parker?
  2. What factors would you consider in your social audit of Warby Parker?
  3. Do you believe most businesses in the United States follow strict ethical standards? Include some defense in support of your answer.


– There is no minimum word requirement, just answer the three questions.
– Use the website listed above, answer questions mostly in your own words.
– Plagiarism will not be accepted.

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