. We have a Scheme program below: (define 1st ‘(Scheme (is fun)quot; (define 1st? [car (ed: 1stquot;) (set-car! 1st? ‘has) (a) (2 points} Draw the

We have a Scheme program below:

(define lst ‘(Scheme (is fun)))

(define lst2 (car (cdr lst)))

(set-car! lst2 ‘has)

(a) (2 points) Draw the memory layout in terms of cells for each

execution step of the above program. Assume Garbage Collection

does not run in intermediate steps.

(b) (1 point) What is the value of lst at the end?

(c) (1 point) Suppose the system decides to perform a Mark-and-

Sweep Garbage Collection at the end, which memory cells would

be recycled?

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