week 2 Bibliographic

To prepare for writing your paper, you will seek out five scholarly sources and create an annotated bibliography. (Your research paper should only have 7-9 references.) Each entry should consist of the APA formatted reference and the annotation of 150-175 words. Please go to the Week 2 Lecture Materials and review the example for format. Also, read the text in that example for leading questions designed to help you write the Annotated Bibliography. However, in basic terms, you need to provide the following in your entry:

  • Bibliographic entry formatted in PROPER APA format.
  • A summary of the source in your own words, which will comprise about two-thirds of the narrative portion.
  • One or two sentences regarding how the source is credible. Be specific.
  • One sentence that indicates how you intend to use the source in your research.

The assignment will need to be formatted as indicated in the example and you will need to include the bibliographic entry formatted in APA format, a summary of the source, your assessment (in third person) of the source, and reflection (in third person) of how the source will support or argue for your topic, or perhaps how it might be used in opposition to your argument in order to offer other considerations:

Why are we creating an annotated bibliography? Go here for a great explanation: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/

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You must have one book but NO MORE than one book. Other sources can come from the library, eLibrary databases, scholarly journals and magazines, findarticles.com, or Google Scholar. Other sources may be approved as long as they are scholarly and provided you check with the instructor first. You must use five sources. Please note that using all books as source material will not be approved.



  • Submit this assignment in Microsoft Word. No other formats will be accepted. All online students are required to have Microsoft Word as their word processing program. If you do not have this program, please visit your local Office Max, Office Depot, or Staples store, or contact the Keiser bookstore for assistance. You can also access many web sites to purchase the program. Microsoft.com offers a free trial.
  • Use the following format for the FILE NAME: AbernathyA_Annotated Bibliography. Note that the name format should contain your last name and first initial in exactly that orde

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