Week 6 Cases Consumer Behavior

A . Ch 12 ( Page 351) –
Imagine you work in the marketing department of a major athletic shoe firm. Your supervisor wants to understand how consumers view the top competitors in terms of brand personality. Use the five dimensions of brand personality discussed in the text as a framework (see Figure 12.4). Your Challenge: 
1. Conduct a mini-experiment regarding brand personality. Ask 10 friends to write down the first several words that come to mind when they hear the brand names Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. 
2. From these descriptions, summarize each of the three brands’ personalities. 
3. Describe the possible differences in target markets based on your research. 
4. Select one particular brand and design a magazine ad that reflects what you learned from your research. 
5. Explain which magazine would be an appropriate media vehicle for your ad. 
B. CH 13 (Page 387) –
Re-read the opening vignette in this chapter. The car salesperson attempted to apply five different behavioral compliance techniques discussed in the chapter. Imagine that you are the manager of that auto dealer and you are observing the salesperson’s attempts to persuade the customer. Your Challenge: 1. Evaluate each of the five influence techniques attempted by the salesperson. Which technique do you think was most effective? Which technique was most important in generating revenue for the dealer? 2. What could the auto dealer do to reduce the customer’s cognitive dissonance relating to the purchase? 3. How could customers like the one at the auto dealer avoid being persuaded by behavioral compliance techniques? 
C. CH 15 (Page 460) –
Sales in the home repairs and improvement market increased about four percent in 2011 to $269 billion. As employment growth accelerates and housing markets improve through 2015, home improvement sales are expected to increase by about six percent annually (according to the Home Improvement Research Institute). Imagine that you are a marketing manager for a home improvement retailer such as Lowes or Home Depot. Your firm is considering separate marketing strategies for various age cohorts and product/service categories. Your Challenge: 
1. Within the category of “lawn care and landscaping,” identify several needs for (a) the Depression Generation and (b) Generation X. 
2. Within the category of “home improvement,” identify several needs for (a) the Pre-Depression Generation and (b) the Younger Baby Boomers. 
3. Match the needs in questions 1 and 2 with products and services that will provide unique solutions for the two age cohorts. 
4. Design a “problem-solution” advertisement that will communicate directly with one of the cohorts. 
Always use APA 7 Format and list your references if any.
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