week 7 assignments


Discussion Forum 7

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For this week’s Discussion Forum, I would like you to post the notes that you took during your interview and observation. If you only have a recording from your interview, please jot down some impressions of the interview to include here.

After you have finished sharing your notes, what I would like you to do is craft a sentence or two summarizing your dominant impression of both your interview and your observation.

Your dominant impression is like a thesis statement for a profile; all of the rest of the details you choose for the essay should help to reinforce the dominant impression. This post should be 300 words at minimum.

Document from week 6 for “Interview Questions” – https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7v8mbpxwct4cpb/Week6_In…


Writing Journal 7


For this assignment, I’d like you to consider the way you will organize your essay. One of the mistakes students sometimes make is that this essay turns into an interview transcript. You should definitely use quotes and incorporate the information from your interview, but the essay should include descriptions, information, and quotes presented in a format that’s engaging and interesting to read.

Sometimes, students find the best way to organize their essay is as a narrative. They begin the essay at their arrival at the place where they will observe, and they conclude the essay when they leave.

Other students prefer to organize the essay conceptually. For example, a student might choose to focus on the education requirements first, then write about the day-to-day demands of the job, then some of the rewarding elements of the profession, and finally write about the kind of person best suited for the career.

The way you organize the essay is up to you, but keep in mind two things:

1. The focus needs to be on the profession you are profiling, including the places you visit and the person you interview (not on yourself or your desire to become a member of the profession).

2. The profile should be more than an interview transcript.

Keeping those two things in mind, please compose a rough (and it can be very rough) outline in any format of your essay, and submit it for this week’s writing journal assignment.






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