What are the differences between local and global winds?

Local winds blow over certain parts of the Earth, but global winds blow around the globe as the name ‘global’ suggests.

Local winds like the Sirocco, Harmattan, leveche, Nor’westers, Mistral, Chinook, Foehn can be found only in certain regions. For example, Sirocco, Harmattan, are seasonal winds blowing across Northern Africa and the Leveche blows over Southern Spain. The Chinook are warm winds flowing down the leeward side of the Rocky Mountains. The Mistral is a chilly wind which blow in the Mediterranean regions during winter.

The Trade winds, Mid Latitude Westerlies and Polar Easterlies are examples of global winds.

The Trade Winds are found between the 30 degrees S and N latitudes. There are the North-East Trades and the South-East Trades, both converging at the the Equator.

The Westerlies are a deep wind system found in the Temperate latitudes blowing from the West towards the East.

The Polar Easterlies blow from the Polar regions towards the Mid-latitudes.

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