what causes air pollution and how can civil engineering contribute to a sustainable solution to this problem

  • Find 5 sources articles for this problem & solutions (as Academic not from Wikipedia and blogger)
  • Do the outline as the attachment (outline_pdf) in Word file.
  • Do the reference list as the attachment (Academic Integrity Writing a Reference List.pptx) in Word file.
  • Write research paper as essay (750 words) and should include 2 quotes and 4 paraphrases divide them 2 in every body in Word file.
  • The attachments for the essay.
  • in conclusion contains statement, summary main points, end comments like ( if we don’t take steps now it will be serious problem).
  • requirements for Essay.pdf.
  • Thesis states for problem and solution.pdf => to make the thesis statement.
  • You should use these vocabulary attachments:
  • cause and effect for Essay.JPG => this use them in problem body paragraph (the first one).
  • problem & solution vocabulary for EssayJPG
  • problem and solution vocabulary.pdf

(and make sure to provide citation to sources used )

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