Make it APA format. Answer each question.



1. Identify some of the main issues involved in the challenge of defining white collar crime. What arguments can be made for and against favoring the term “white collar crime” over the term “elite deviance?”

2.How are colleges and universities similar to corporations? Is the characterization of universities and colleges as corporate criminals warranted?What are some examples of college or universities offenses that could be considered corporate crimes? What forms of college or university corporate crime, if any, do you regard as most unjustly neglected by our system of law? Why?

3.How does occupational crime differ from corporate crime? What are some major forms of occupational crime?

4.Define the concepts of governmental crime, state crime, and political white collar crime. Highlight their differences. How do these concepts relate to white collar crime?Why has governmental crime been relatively neglected by criminologists?

5.Identify the principal defining elements of technocrime.Which specific facets of the modern technology/computer revolution promote white collar crime?Which facets impose constraints?

6.Define and describe three theories explaining why an individual commits white collar crimes. Which theory do you think is the best explanation?Why?

7.What are some of the principal challenges involved in the social control white collar crime? Which forms of control are most effective? Why?

8.Describe the origins of federal regulatory agencies and their principal functions. Contrast the rationales behind agency philosophies of compliance or deterrence. Identify some of the principle criticisms of regulatory agencies.

9.What are the differences and points of intersection between private policing and public policing?What are some of the difficulties faced by private police officers? What are the benefits and limitations of self policing approaches?

10.How can the different objectives of the penal system-retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation-be fulfilled in connection with white collar crime? Can they be reconciled? Discuss the specific role of different forms of punishment. What punishments do you belief are the most effective and justifiable? Why?

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