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Please see attachment for complete instructions.

In this project, you will write a 13 page White Paper that describes the current state of mobile incident response and investigation. The context is that as a forensic investigator, you are providing an objective overview of mobile technology and digital forensic and incident response capabilities for a law enforcement unit that has limited experience and capability with mobile forensics.

Include the following five sections:

1) Overview of mobile technology, including network operations and mobile technologies

2) Description of trends in mobile technology, including handset transmission types and embedded device forensics, as well as operating systems, applications, and challenges and threats to forensic investigations

3) Laws, regulations, and considerations for the forensic handling of mobile devices

4) Analysis and presentation of forensic information including file system analysis, techniques for working through security measures, third-party applications, and other forms of mobile data analysis

5) Personal perspective on the greatest biggest threat and greatest opportunity most promising technology in mobile forensics, based on in-class and outside readings, as well as personal/professional experience


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