Who can do this Country Culture Project and Presentation?

Select one international business company to introduce its international business in the class.

saudi aramco company

You may select a company from the list of S&P 500 companies, or another company preapproved by the professor.

At least 10 -15 content slides are suggested for the slideshow presentation (not including cover page and all visual slides). The time for presentation is 8-15 minutes.

Contents of the project:

(1) Describe the company, its industry (or industries) of operation, and the types of products it sells globally.

(2) Describe the country (or countries) where the company conducts global business.

(3) How are the company’s products (or service) accepted in the host country (relative to local and other foreign competitors)?

(4) What are some of the issues (successes or failures) related to adapting to local culture in their targeted foreign host countries?

(5) Show an example of how your chosen company has marketed a product to a foreign country (this may be an advertisement or vides) and explain how this marketing message was adapted (or not adapted) to the culture.

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