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Assiment One


The inmate who enters into a prison environment will undergo the process of prisonization, which is the process of socializing new inmates into the prison subculture. The dilemma with regard to prisonization is that the effect becomes more intense the longer the period of incarceration is. Though the impact of prisonization has been studied by numerous criminologists and penologists, many corrections officials appear to use the results of these studies to control inmates rather than improve therapeutic programs.


Using the course materials, textbook, library, and Web resources, list and discuss 4 ways that prison administrations can positively impact prisonization.


Assignment Guidelines:


Using the course materials, textbook, library, and Web resources, research prisonization and the effects it has on prisoners depending on the length of incarceration.

In 4–6 paragraphs, address the following:

List and explain 4 methods that you believe can be used to positively impact prisoners and reduce the effects of prisonization.

You must use research to support your arguments.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


Asignment Two


During the 1970s, as result of the Attica Prison riots and other social forces such as the civil rights movement, changes began to occur within the management of prisons that led to the development of more humane prison environments. Many prison officials no longer viewed offenders as second-class citizens without rights.


In this assignment, you will be responsible for preparing an essay on the viability of treatment in prisons.


Assignment Guidelines:


In an essay of 4–6 pages, address the following:

Identify 3 specific goals and challenges in your argument for or against rehabilitative treatment in prison.

Utilize 2 specific examples from case studies to support your position.

Identify and explain the positions of 3 specific philosophical or social issues that could be used to support your analysis.

Reference a total of 5 sources to support your analysis.


Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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