write down essay upon choosing topic and looking all the description?

1. Organize yourselves into groups by Week 2 and give your group details to your lecturers. Each group is to have Four or Five members depending upon the class size. 2. This group assignment’s will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria: – The current research on the topic – Analysis of the topic and the application – Student’s showing their understanding and current debate by different governments, economists and the industry. 3. Choose any ONE topic out of the following list: – Industry reforms in Tourism, Meat and Livestock, Agriculture and hospitality in Australia. Choose any one industry out of these and discuss the reforms in that industry. – GDP and Economic growth in Australia last 5 years – Unemployment during last 5 years and its effect on Australian economy and government policy towards reducing unemployment – Fiscal Policy of Current Australian Government – NBN policy of Australian government and its issues 4. Following is the structure of the essay: – Introduction 300 words – Body 2000 words discussing and analyzing the research and the application – Conclusion 200 words. Final comments on the topic and group’s findings (Pl HI5003 Economics for Business see the list of topics and structure under additional readings) – References may be 6 to 8 both academic and media/news TOTAL The use of Harvard referencing is expected and will be assessed. Students need to submit ONLY the SOFT COPY of the assignment and upload on BB by that time.

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