write me one essay for each topic I have 3 topics that mean you are going to write 3 essays

  • first topic Paper 1

    In a one page paper, please discuss the importance of studying management. Think in terms of a future manager, a system that does not involve management, or the avoidance of management all together.

  • Assignment

    second topic Paper 2

    In a one page paper, please discuss the nature and purpose of planning.

  • Assignment

    third topic Paper 3

    Entrepreneurship is the process of starting new businesses, generally in response to opportunities. For instance, Fred Carl, founder of the Viking Range Corporation, saw an opportunity to create an appliance that combined the best features of commercial and residential ranges. Many people think entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses are the same, but they are not. Entrepreneurs create entrepreneurial ventures-organizations that pursue opportunities, are characterized by innovative practices, and have growth and profitability as their main goals. Examining entrepreneurship from the perspective of the four managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling:

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