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Write Reflection Paper: In regards to the practice session, in 3-5 pages (not including the title page and reference pages) address the following: Articulate how you conceptualize the client and her or his problem and potential solutions- consider a theoretical lens. Determine what cultural and ethical issues were observed in the session and how you adjusted to accommodate them. Identify any personal connecting thoughts, experiences, and/or other potential counter-transference related issues you may have had at the time. Articulate your specific plan for the next session with this client, assuming you will have one. Explain how goals were established and how they were achieved. Discuss how termination of the session was addressed. Discuss the use of client feedback. As part of that, you will ask your client to rate the session using the Bordin (1979) conceptualization mentioned above (see above).  Please discuss your experience of client feedback.   
Tasks (the way the counselor went about working with me) rated on a scale of 0 (did not fit well for me) to 10 (Fit like it was customized for me) Goals (what we discussed) rated on a scale of 0 (did not talk about what I wanted to talk about) to 10 (We talked about what I wanted to talk about Emotional Bonds (therapeutic relationship) rated on a scale of 0 (did not feel understood or listened to) to 10 (felt fully heard and understood.

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