Writing 3


Complete your reading of chapter 8 (powerpoint is attached).

(ACTIVITY 3.3 – Management in Action page 276 (W.L Gore) of the textbook).

Respond to “For Discussion.” ONLY questions number 2, number 3 and number 4, PLUS the following question: When small companies grow, one of the typical reasons for failure is the inability to establish an effective management structure. Why would this be the case and what should the owners do to avoid the problem?

Details of the Written Assignment

Please remember that this assignment is for your researched thought. If you describe an opinion it should be grounded in citation and reference based research. The purpose of the assignment is for you to critically examine issues, using research as your foundation for your ideas. Ideas built from research create credibility with the reader. It also enhances your critical thinking as well as your own enlightenment. Many times we have an opinion that after we research the opinion we find that there is evidence of counter intuitive concepts that lead to new ways of looking at our original idea.

1. Apply critical thinking and the learning from the major objectives of this week’s material.

2. There is no need for additional sources, but any paraphrasing, quotations, or using sources from outside must follow APA 6th edition standards.

3. Formal and APA writing and style is required.

4. Word count: 800 minimum: Responses should be between 800 and 1,000 words excluding the title page, abstract, keywords and references.

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