Writing help with the ” United Airlines Lawsuit” paper

The essay is for the Business Law class and the title of the essay is “United Airlines Lawsuit”

The paper is about the United Airline flight 3411 incident.

United Airline is an airline company founded on April 6th 1926. About 93 years ago. Its headquarters are located Chicago, Illinois. As a matter of fact it is the third largest airline company in the world. Their rise to international success began in 1985 when they purchased Pan Am’s routes to Asia when they folded. United kept grown as they purchased routes to London Heathrow airport, being one of only two american airlines traveling there.(introduction of the paper)

Where as United has been trying to improve their image after 9/11 where two out of the four hijacked planes were from them. That created a very bad image in their clients certain doubt in the matter of safety.The company tried to regain the trust of its customers back through better customer serviceThe part I need writing help is about in this kind of case what will be if customers agree to the terms and condition(around 2 pages) and Hypothetically scenario(around 1 pages)

So, the total will be 3 pages and it will need some law regulations and United Airlines legal regulations to support the paper, also have to mention the assumption of the situation in this incident.

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