1.What is the function of osteogenic cells?

1.What is the function of osteogenic cells?

a. To form osteoblasts

b. To maintain bone matrix

c. To remove bone matrix

d. To remove osteocytes

2. Which of the following occurs during appositional growth?

a. Bones grow longer

b. Bones grow wider

c. Osteoblasts are overwhelmed by osteocytes

d. The epiphysis fuses with the diaphysis

3. During intramembranous ossification, which type of tissue does bone replace?

a. Hyaline cartilage

b. Elastic cartilage

c. Skeletal muscle

d. Embryonic

4. Which of the following is true about the orbital complex?

a. The lacrimal sulcus allows passage of the optic nerve out of the orbit

b. The nasolacrimal canal is formed by maxilla and ethmoid bone

c. Infraorbital foramina are formed by maxillae

d. Lacrimal fossa carry mucus from one sinus to another

5. What is true about the hyoid bone?

a. It attaches to tongue muscles

b. It contains greater and lesser condyles.

c. It is inferior to the larynx

d. It is one of the auditory ossicles.

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