3 discussions one page each

Discussion 1

1. What are the various methods of abortion? Explain the two opposing viewpoints concerning abortion.

2. What do you think…Which factors will you consider in deciding whether or when to have children? What are your biggest concerns about parenthood?

Discussion 2

Related Info: Heroin/drugs in the Santa Clarita Valley-Alarming Statistics:

*The SCV is currently averaging 1 teen overdose each day

*Over 15 deaths related to heroin overdoses last year in SCV

*Over 400 heroin overdoses reported by Henry Mayo Newhall hospital in the last 2 years

*Heroin creates a severe physiological addiction and kills

Chances are you know someone using heroin. We are closer to it then ever before. 

1.Define addiction.

2. At what age should drug education begin? What is the Santa Clarita Valley or your Community doing to handle the drug problem? What kind of programs do you think would regulate, enforce, educate or be effective in preventing drug abuse among high school and college students?

3. Discuss how addiction affects family and friends. What role do family and friends play in helping the addict get help and maintain recovery.

4. Medical Marijuana: Too Legal or Not Legal Enough?. Where do you stand. share your thoughts.

Discussion 3

Briefly give us your thoughts on the following:

1. Time and time again, we have seen the tragic outcome of driving under the influence. What do you think the legal BAC for drivers should be. What should the penalty for people arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol for the first offense? The second DUI? The third offense?

2. Because nicotine is highly addictive, should it be regulated as a controlled substance? Explain.

3. Discuss problems related to caffeine use. How much caffeine do you consume? Why?

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