A tax benefit for Part IVA purposes

Achieved by the arranging of a taxpayers affairs in a manner which reduces the incidence of tax.

Achieved by failing to pay a tax assessment when it is due and payable.

Achieved where the taxable income is reduced either by a reduction of assessable income below what one would normally expect or by increasing the allowable deductions above what would normally be appropriate.

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Achieved by the falsification of documents and the non-disclosure of income.

Achieved by the creation of artificial transactions designed to satisfy the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law.

(Module 6: Administrative provisions, Offsets/rebates, Tax rates and Medicare Levy
Administrative provisions)
In relation to objections lodged by taxpayers which of the following statements is most correct?

A taxpayer can only lodge one objection against each assessment.

A request for an extension of time to lodge an objection will not be granted in all cases and taxpayers should normally lodge their objection request within the time periods specified.

An objection against an assessment can be very brief or detailed and it is up to the taxpayer how they wish to prepare an objection.

It is up to the Commissioner of Taxation only to determine a request for an extension of time to lodge an objection and the taxpayer cannot appeal the Commissioner?s decision.

A request for an extension of time to lodge an objection will not be considered where the taxpayer is temporarily overseas.

(Offsets/Rebates, Tax rates and Medicare)

Douglas a resident Australian taxpayer travelled to the USA with his wife and teenage (16 years old) son during the 2013 year and while they were there his wife and son became ill and had to go to hospital. He incurred $2800 in hospital fees and $1750 in doctors fees for his wife and $2000 in hospital fees and $1000 in doctors fees for his son. His wife earned $40 000 during the 2013 year in income while his son is attending high school full-time (16 years old) and earned income of $7000 from a part-time job. Douglas received a refund of $1200 for his wife and $1050 for his son from his private health fund. He was not entitled and he did not receive any other refund. Douglas? net medical expenses for the 2013 year are:






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