Adversities in HealthCare Management

Project instructions:
Research Project Assignment
Using the information learned throughout this semester, create a research based topic using one of the following prompts as a

jumping off point to construct a 2,000 word essay.Using the suggestions in your textbooks, do research of academic sources to

develop your topic. Your essay must have six sources which must be made up of the following types:
a) 2 primary (these should be your two interviews)
b) 4 scholarly, secondary sources (2 of these must be found through TexShare)
DONOT use any other sources, especially Wikipedia, Schmoop, Sparknotes, Cliffnotes, or any other non-academic source.
Develop an outline of the major points you wish to make and the evidence you will use to support those points. You must have

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a minimum of one quote from EACH source (six total).
Write your essay using the tips presented in the textbook for writing an academic essay. Use the MLA section of your handbook

for help with citing the sources.
The entire essay should use correct MLA formatting.Submit at a rough draft of your research paper to TurnItIn by midnight,May

6 for evaluation and Peer Review.By midnight, May 8, read through at least one person?s essay. Provide as much feedback as

you can. Make necessary revisions to your own essay. Review your final draft to make sure it is free of grammatical and

technical errors,
does not include any plagiarized material, meets the requirements, is on topic, and is correctly formatted. Review the

supplied rubric to clarify how the essay will be graded. Submit your essay to the appropriate drop box by the deadline

(midnight, May 11).
Value: 100 points
Prompts(select ONE)
1.Choose an issue present in your future work field. Explore possible solutions to that issue. Choose the one that is the

most convincing, and focus an argument on illustrating why that solution is the best.
2.Create an argument explaining why your chosen field is a strong field to pursue. Consider things like growth in the market,

demand, location, etc.
3.Consider and create an argument for the ways the humanities (Language, Literature, History, Music, Art, Drama, Philosophy)

are valuable to professions outside of education or to your profession in particular.
4.Consider problems facing people entering the work force today. Consider the various solutions to one of those problems and

create an argument for one solution to that problem.
5.Propose a topic to the instructor. Must obtain approval for the topic by
March 17 to allow for time to work on the annotated bibliography.
Please note that proposed topics MUST relate in some way to the workforce in general or to your specific field of work.
Students who submit essays with any of the following errors will not receive higher than a 50:
?The essay is only summary of the works with no analysis.
?The essay does not include any quotes or does not quote from each source.
?The essay does not contain a Works Cited.
?The essay has quotes longer than three lines (block
Stephens MD, Christopher Dr. Personal interview. 2 May 2014.
Dr. Stephens has 37 years experience, specializing in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.
1) Should Congress amend the provision of the ?Affordable Care Act?? No, they should start the program then see what the

problems are and correct those problems.
2) In what ways can the government support Medicare and Medicaid programs to make them more effective and efficient?

Custodial care. Custodial care should transfer from home to an assisted living to a nursing home, transitioning to hospice

care. Instead what is occurring is nursing home patients with dementia are started on physical therapy and occupational

therapy, which is what nursing homes use in an effort to make a profit. Reimbursement for those types of therapy is high and

over-utilized in long term care settings. They should be limited to people who would benefit on a long term basis instead of

someone like my mother who doesn?t know where she is and who would not be able to remember to continue with the therapy

taught without a therapist present. The republicans have dubbed this as part of a death camp. Reality is it is the natural

process of life. Mankind has the ability to help those who may be helped.
3) Which are the best approaches the government can use to bridge the gap between low and high income earners? Investors who

have a yearly income over a certain amount have been taxed the same 15% as someone who has minimal income. The government has

increased the tax liability on high income earners by raising the amount of tax on their income from 15%.
4) How can the states utilize the available resources to reduce the cost of both Medicaid and Medicare programs? They should

form a Medicare part D drug coverage plan, authorizing payments of drugs without requiring contracts with the pharmaceutical

5) Should Medicare and Medicaid programs offer aIDitional benefits? Only if they cut back on others. These programs are

growing too much already without aIDing benefits.
Citation: Oliver, Christine. Personal Interview. 21 Feb. 2014.

1 How do you motivate employees? I think that is important to support them in the jobs that they do. It is hard work and

there are times when they are going to be overwhelmed. That is when it is important to show them that you are willing to step

in and help them do their job when they need it. We also emphasize that their families are important and work with them to

make it possible for them to tend to those things so that they can do the work that is required of them. We offer annual

evaluations and pay increases based on performance so that each employee gets individual attention and praise or constructive

criticism to improve job performance. CSNHC looks within the company for promotional opportunities before hiring from outside


2 How do you deal with difficult employees? To deal with a difficult employee, I think it is important to be consistent with

discipline and be familiar enough with the company policies that you can instruct the employee in proper conduct. You must

also be professional and discreet when using disciplinary action so that it gives them the opportunity to turn things around.

You must also be able to recognize that not everyone is cut out to do this kind of work(healthcare). There can be good

employees that do not fit well with your team.

3 What is your idea on customer service? Customer service is the most important thing that we do!. It involves every single

person on your staff and everyone must own it. If our residents, families, and providers do not feel that we aIDress problems

and care what is going on in our facility, why would they trust us to care for their loved one? Without good customer

service, we would not be long enough to worry about anything else. Good customer service does not always come naturally

for some people. When I?m looking for new employees, I start rating their customer service skills as soon as they come in and

ask for an application.

4 What makes your business a success? Our business is a success because every member of the team believes we are the best

healthcare provider in the country. We take great pride in making sure that every resident is happy and healthy and stays

with us for as long as they can. We have a great family like environment and we all pitch in to make sure that everyone(both

residents and families) have their needs et in the best and most timely way possible. We all have respect for the jobs that

others are doing and we maintain good working relationships that are centered around making sure our residents are happy with

their care in every way. We are honest about things that go on in our community and because of that there is a deep trust

between residents and staff. No one wants to leave their home and we understand that. We pledge to make it as nice as

possible for them even though it is not the home they have always known.

5 What advice would you give someone going into management? The best advice I can give to someone going into management is:
You must remember to put God first in all the things that you do. You must have strong work ethics and keep sight of the goal

of your position. You must be the manager and not the friend if that is the position that you are called to do. You lead from

the front, not from the rear. You must always be honest and as fair as possible.

6 What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis ? and in the future? When your ?business? is the daily care of people?s

lives, the problems you face each day can vary tremendously. The challenge is to remain flexible enough that your entire

schedule changes without notice, you can adapt and stay focused and still make each resident feel as if you have nothing else

to do. You must also be able to stay on top of daily labor and food costs to help keep costs down for all concerned.
In healthcare, you are also constantly looking at the increasing costs and how that affects our residents. It is important to

stay up to date and be proactive in helping them make good decisions about their healthcare and eliminating unnecessary costs

for them if possible.

7 Are you and your employees involved in the community? We are very involved in our community and participate in a number of

events to promote the area. Some examples are: Relay for Life, fundraisers for Muscular Dystrophy Association, youth fair

organizations, youth sports leagues, American Heart Association, local theater groups, cultural arts committees, SPCA,

Chamber of Commerce, the local hospital events, health and job fairs.

8 Do you think it is important to volunteer your time? Volunteering is extremely important! We are first of all called as

Christians to serve our families, churches and our community. Not every reward in life comes from a monetary direction. The

greatest rewards come when you truly are giving from a heart of love for the people of your community.
Oliver, Christine. Personal interview. 1 Apr. 2014
Follow up question from previous interview.
How have the changes in Medicare and Medicaid affected your organization? Here at The Chatfield Assisted Living, we are a

private pay and long-term care insurance facility. We do not accept state funding. Rising costs for medical coverage do

affect our private pay residents. At some point they may be unable to afford the care we provide and are required to

transition to our sister nursing home facilities utilizing governmental funding. We attempt to keep their expenses here at a

minimum, charging for the size of their room versus levels of care payments. Our nurse monitors drug costs, searching for the

lowest price possible for them. The local pharmacy may charge hundreds of dollars per month where mail order charges one

fourth of the local pharmacy price. We face rising food, utility, and wage expenses for which we base our room rates.
The professor referred to this in citing an article in a scholarly journal (online database).
Penuel, Suzanne. ?Missing Fathers: Twelfth Night and the Reformation of Mourning.? Studies in Psychology 107.1 (2010): 74-96.

Academic Search Complete. Web. 10 Apr. 2011


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