An Evaluation Plan For Donna Sims

An Evaluation Plan For Donna Sims



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Paper instructions:
An Evaluation Plan for Donna Sims= is the title of paper
To demonstrate an understanding of the problem-solving and intervention process, your assignment is to develop a 5-7 pages of content (not including cover page and Reference sheet) intervention plan for an individual that assesses their needs, identifies appropriate services, and provides a plan to evaluate the success of the intervention with this individual. This plan will reflect components of the client’s experience with respect to their biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. The paper will need to have 2 academic sources for the work, more are encouraged. This paper will involve three primary tasks:

1. Identify a presenting problem. You may choose an issue on your own or refer to Chapters 8 €“ 10 in the required text for examples of presenting issues, including but not limited to teenage pregnancy, vocational issues, anger management, coping with stress, suicidal ideation, challenges with primary family system. Once you’ve identified a problem, imagine an individual or rely on someone you know with this particular issue. Describe their social history along with a specific assessment statement for this case.

2. Develop an intervention plan for this individual. Your intervention should be based on a particular theory, and supported by outside sources. For example, a client with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder may be best suited for interventions based on Behavior Theory. Rely on outside sources to describe how effective has this approach been in meeting the needs of this type of client and what kinds of services will this client need in order to improve. Please make sure you reference in APA style.

3. Develop a plan for evaluating the success of your intervention. Specifically, how will you evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the intervention?

You may look at the sample intervention plan, attached below, as a template. However, your paper should be your own thoughts/ideas and creativity




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