Article, Health sciences and medicine

Article, Health sciences and medicine
review article on Selenium

The review pages not including references.
All statement must be referenced (Author Last Name, Year of published)
when writing about Selenium (chemical or oxidation state) must be clearly defined.
The article must be based on the references (scientific papers) that I will provide and not based on the writer viewpoint.
The review article is a scientific paper that mush have a structure of :
I. Introduction
A. What is it? Where is it found in nature? Common oxidation states found in nature?
B. History of human use
II. Role in non-CNS function
III. Role in normal brain function
A. Se transport
B. Se storage
C. Se homeostasis
D. antioxidant-associated proteins
IV. Can Se be toxic? If so, how? How can single cell and vertebrates inhibit or limit Se-associated cellular toxicity
B. Humans
V. Evidence for inhibiting other metal toxicity (Hg, MeHg, or Lead)? If so, What are the putative molecular mechanism and cellular pathwas?
A. Bacteria
B. Humans
VI. Association with the development of neurodegenerative diseases? If so, What are the diseases, the association and putative molecular pathways and mechanisms?
VII. Conclusion€¦Some priorities for future research

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