Assessment Pack for Distance Learning Safe Practices

Assessment Pack for Distance Learning Safe Practices

Please note that this is a 6 week unit of study
Start date: 7
February 2014 End date: 21
March 2014
This Assessment Pack is designed to inform and assi
st you in completion of the assessment
requirements for the Unit of Study Safe Practices.
How the assessment process works
It is the Department of Education and Training regu
lation that to be competent in a unit, sufficient
evidence must be gathered. This is accomplished by
completing the assessment tasks outlined in
this Pack. The assessment process therefore may con
sist of assessment tasks in class, take home
assignments or quizzes/exams.
Nature Care College has unpacked and analysed the U
nits of Competency for your Qualification
within the Health Training Package HLT07 and offer
this qualification as a number of Units of
To make this process as straightforward as possible
, this Assessment Pack €“ Student, has been
prepared to advise you about what and how evidence
will be collected.
Your part in the assessment process
The following list sets out the things you will nee
d to do to be assessed.
Read through the student pack and note down any qu
estions that you may want to raise
with your trainer/assessor.
Talk to your trainer/assessor if you have any spec
ial requests relating to learning difficulties,
disabilities or religious matters.
Participate in the forum for week 3 and confirm th
at you are satisfied with the information
supplied regarding the assessments.
Prepare any required assessment tasks set out in t
his pack. Use the checklists/marking
© Nature Care College
Safe Practices Assessment Pack DL
Page 2 of 7
criteria contained in the pack to make sure that yo
u include all the required information.
Ensure that all Policy and Procedures relating to
assessments are followed. These can be
viewed on the Nature Care Website and the Student H
Instructions to Students
Assessment methods and tools for this unit of study
Assessments tasks €“ due date 24th of March 100%
The above assessment tasks are to be completed and
submitted on line by the due date specified.
Please read
student instructions for eLearning
located on the front page of the Nature Care Colle
eLearning Portal for instructions on how to submit
online. Please also ensure that you keep a copy of
your submitted work. You can copy and paste your an
swers into a word document, or you can answer
the questions first in a word document and then cop
y and paste them into the eLearning answer
Marking and Grading €“ submitted assessments
All students must submit assessments/assignments b
y the due date and time as prescribed
on the e-Learning course.
All assessments/assignments are to be submitted vi
a the eLearning portal. Hard copies will
not be accepted. (Please read Student instructions
for eLearning document on the front
page of the Nature College eLearning portal on how
to submit your assignment).
Much of your written work will be based on informa
tion published by others. Plagiarism is
defined in the NCC Student Handbook as the use of a
nother person’s work as if it were
your own, without acknowledgement.
All assignments/assessments submitted
accept the submission statement.
By accepting the submission statement you are conf
irming that the work is your own.
It is in your interest to always keep a copy of yo
ur assignments. This is particularly
important when submitting on-line text assessments
In exceptional circumstances, individual students
may be given an extension of the due
Extensions are normally granted for medical reason
s or other serious interruptions to your
ability to work. Extensions are only granted using
the Assignment extension request form
available from the Nature Care Website or on your c
ourse main page.

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Please refer to 1.4 of the Student Handbook for
accepted legitimate
This fully completed form must be submitted to you
r trainer, with proof attached, no later
than 72 hours before the assignment is due
© Nature Care College
Safe Practices Assessment Pack DL
Page 3 of 7
An assignment submitted after the due date without
an extension having been granted will
incur a penalty of 5% per day of the marks awarded
for the piece of assessment in
An assignment handed in more than eight days beyon
d the due date, will be awarded a
conceded pass regardless of the mark achieved. .
Your assessment tasks will be assessed according t
o the marking criteria attached at the
end of this pack. Please consider the marking guide
carefully when planning work to ensure
you aIDress all the requirements. When submitting a
written assignment, attach a copy of
the appropriate marking criteria to your assignment
If applicable, you are required to comply with wor
d limits, a 10% leeway either side is
acceptable. However, deviations beyond 10% may be p
enalised at the discretion of the
subject coordinator
All essays/assignments that do not meet the criter
ia for a pass grade will require
resubmission, and the maximum grade awarded will be
a conceded pass.
Feedback on your assignment will be posted by your
trainer on your course page under
assessments. You can view your grade for all your a
ssessments including your exams in
your gradebook.
© Nature Care College
Safe Practices Assessment Pack DL
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Confirmation of Assessment
I confirm that the purpose, process and conditions
for the assessments/assignments for the Unit of
Study: Safe Practices has been clearly explained to
The assessment/assignment requirements have been m
ade available to me with an
opportunity to discuss any concerns with the traine
I have been given advance notice of the dates, tim
e and venues for assessments
or/and the due date for assignments.
I am aware of how assessments will be conducted an
d what I am required to do.
I am aware of how assignments need to be presented
and what I am required to do.
I am aware of my right to appeal an assessment/ass
ignment decision.
I am aware of my right to be reassessed two times
before failing the unit of study.
I am aware that further information is outlined in
the Policies and Procedures on the
Nature Care website.
It has been explained that the trainer/assessor wi
ll discuss each of the assessment
tasks one week before the date they will take place
I am aware that I can apply for RPL for this Unit
of Study (if I have evidence of
competence in the unit/s of competency covered).
I am aware that I should retain a copy of my asses
sments that have been submitted.
Please make sure that you participate in the forum
for week 3 where you confirm that you understand
and accept the assessment requirements of this unit
© Nature Care College
Safe Practices Assessment Pack DL
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Safe Practices
Assessment Tasks
1. Demonstrate an understanding of infection con
trol and WHS policy
2. Demonstrate procedure and policy development
Typed and presented in a scholarly manner with ref
erencing according to the
Nature Care College referencing guide (if applicabl
Answer ALL of the following 7 questions
1 €“ Work Health Safety processes (150 words) 10 Ma
Briefly outline the difference between the WHS Act,
WHS Regulation and Codes of Practice
2 €“ Chain model of infection (150 words) 15 Marks
Complete a chain model of infection for
of these three (3) diseases:
1. Pertussis
2. Acute gastroenteritis
3. Hepatitis B
Briefly state relevant detail at each link
Hint: Use the chain model of infection flow chart f
ormat on page 10 and remember to name the
infectious micro-organism involved.
3 €“ Routine hand washing procedure (200 wo
rds) 15 Marks
Complete the first standard precaution of hygiene c
ontrol by carrying out the following practical
1. Practical: Use the Routine hand washing procedu
re’ points and the diagrams to complete a
Routine hand washing procedure’.
2. Answer the following Questions:
a) List the equipment you were required to assemble
for this procedure.
b) Using the information given, document a descript
ion of each point you were able to
complete in the hand washing procedure. List at lea
st 7 points.
4 €“ Managing a spill (200 words) 10 Marks
For two (2) different types of spills that you migh
t encounter in a clinical therapies practice explai
how you would manage each scenario (one spill must
be a body spill). You will need to include the
following headings:
Type of spill
Degree of risk
Equipment for the task
Person informed? How they were informed?
What documentation was required?

© Nature Care College
Safe Practices Assessment Pack DL
Page 6 of 7
5 €“Develop Clinical Protocols (300 words) 30 mark
Draft a clinic procedure for three (3) of the follo
wing: (10 marks each, 100 words each)
a) Setting up the treatment area in preparation for
client//patient visit,
b) Changeover procedures between patients,
c) Management of blood and/or body fluid spills and
management of blood or body
fluid exposure,
d) Manual handling procedure
e) Cleaning the clinic
Ensure the procedure is well structured and present
ed in a format that is easily identified by
6. €“ Complete a Risk Assessment (150 wor
ds) 10 Marks
Complete a risk assessment for one (1) of the follo
wing locations:
A Complementary Therapies Clinic
An office (ie your place of employment)
A kitchen
Hint: download or develop your own working document
for this exercise. This can be in table form.
Be sure to incorporate all aspects of risk assessme
nt, for example, identify and control.
Ensure it is readily identified as a working docum
7 €“Work Health and Safety (150 words) 10 M
Richard is the cleaner employed at the Complementar
y Therapies clinic where you are working. He
has been working for the clinic for 17 years. Whil
st working late one evening, you notice that
Richard is using old and outdated methods of manual
handling when lifting and carrying heavy
i. What do you do?
ii. Who do you report this information to?
iii. Identify the hazard and/or hazards.
iv. What is the risk associated with this situation
v. Who is at risk?


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