be the judge case study

be the judge case study

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Read the case study and respond to the questions at the end.
Use the case study, readings, and your research to support your answers.
The Patient: The patient, a very competent 77-year old, was admitted to the acute care facility for treatment of a kidney stone. He was taking a variety of medications, including those for the primary diagnosis as well as medications for his renal failure, sepsis, and atrial fibrillation. His fall risk was classified as moderate to high.
The Patient Insists: The nurse had him get out of bed for his breakfast. After he finished the meal, he asked the nurse if he could use the restroom. Though the nurse tried to get him to use a bedpan, he insisted on using the bathroom and the nurse agreed.
The Patient Falls: The nurse assisted him to the bathroom, showing the patient the safety rail and how to call for assistance. When he called for assistance, the nurse came and helped him stand, but the patient began to fall and, because of his weight, the nurse helped him gently to the floor, the patient fractured his ankle and he brought a lawsuit against the hospital for nursing negligence.
The Expert Witness: The expert witness for the patient testified at trial that it is a beach of the legal standard of care for only one person to assist a patient in standing, walking, and using the bathroom when the patient has a high or moderate fall risk, weighs in excess of 250 pounds, and is dizzy or not alert.
The Defendant’s Witness: The defendant’s expert witness countered that it is not necessarily a breach of a standard of care for one person to assist with transferring, standing, ambulating, or using the bathroom. The critical question is the patient’s level of alertness and whether the patient has sufficiently stable alertness and safety awareness for the one-person assistance.
Back to Trial Level: The trial level dismissed the case and the appeal court remanded the case back to the trial level.
Respond to the fallowing.
1) Is this a high risk patient? Explain.
2) What is the patient’s environment? How might the environment and actions of the nurse prevent or contribute to a fall?
3) What would you do differently?
4) Consider both testimonies of the expert witnesses. Was there negligence on the part of the nurse? explain the rationale for your conclusion .

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Assignment Grading Criteria
You Be the Judge Case Study
€¢ Read the case study and respond to the questions at the end. Use the case study, readings, and your research to support your answers.

€¢ Format your responses consistent with APA guidelines.

€¢ Submit your responses as instructed by your facilitator.

19 points possible Points available Points earned
€¢ All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. 2
€¢ Explained whether or not the nurse fully assessed the patient’s level of alertness 3
€¢ Discussed the patient’s level of risk for a fall and if the standard of care would be altered in his individual case 3
€¢ Described how a nurse would decide the standard of care for this patient 3
€¢ Discussed how you would decide the outcome of this case 3
€¢ Major points are stated clearly and are supported by specific details or analysis 3
€¢ Included at least two professional references 2
2 points possible Points available Points earned
€¢ Follows rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation
€¢ Has a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow
€¢ Consistent with APA guidelines for formatting and citation of outside works 2
Total 21

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