Black Ballon

Black Ballon
This assignment is about the movie Black Ballon. My character is Charlie and below are all the assignment instructions:

The main assignment

for HLTH2105 revolves around a characterfrom the movie The

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black balloon. ln week 4 we will watch the DVD The black balloon during


Further instructions’ for both the tutorial activity involving the DVD and forthe assignment will be provided on FLO. You should reviewthese before coming to class in week 4 and these will be discussed in week 5.

There will be a specific Discussion forum set up in FLO to discuss the DVD and the assignment. There is also a list of specific questions relating to your character available in the instructions forThe black balloon on FLO.

Overall, this essay is an ANALYSIS ofa CASE selected for your assignment-the case (person you review) is provided by yourtutors. The questions provided in the tutorial will guide your exploration ofthe case study. The focus this
assignment is the Case, with your analysis ofthat case supported by academic literature.

Your essay should include sufficient resources to show that you understand the issues and any relevant theories related to the case. At a minimum, you will include eight (8) academic sources. That is, the written assignment will consist of:

a minimum offive (5) peer reviewed research articles. They should be published from 2000-2011, but you may find a classic’ article that is relevant and was published earlier. You will need to justify its inclusion.

These articles may include, but are not limited to:

articles that have considered the health issue in relation to the

particular stage in the lifespan (e.g. infancy, adolescence, adulthood, etc.)

articles that focus on the particular health condition-Autism

articles that focus on the particular stage in the lifespan (e.g. infancy, adolescence, adulthood, etc)

you may discoverthat you cannot find articles that cover BOTH the health condition AND the stage in the lifespan in the same article, but you need to have academic, peer reviewed, relevant articles forthe stage in the lifespan AND the health condition material from at least one authoritative Australian website (e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics, orAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare) to provide Australian research, statistics and context to support yourwriting. If you are an international student you may focus on the research and statistics
from your home country if you prefer, but it has to be referenced adequately.

appropriate chapters from lifespan development texts and health psychology texts should be used to describe and discuss the case in relation to the theoretical perspectives and/orthe wider research agenda.

You will need to apply the research and literature to the character, e.g. Maggie. The characterwill be assigned to you for this assignment.
Answer the following questions:

Discuss the psychosocial developmental aspects of your case-this is the lifespan stage (i.e. infancy, adolescence, adulthood, etc). What are the relevant developmental issues involved in your case? Considerthe cognitive, psychological, social, emotional, and physical implications in your case.

Ideally, you will be able to discuss the combined issue ofthe health issue AND the developmental issues. (for example, ifthe case concerns Charlie, then the aspect of autism on his development and care, and his life stage according to his psychological developmental stage you should find literature that aIDresses both: autism AND his level of development, for Maggie, the aspects of stress, pre-eclampsia, having an Autistic child and her life

-What do the articles say about the relationship between the health issue and stage in the lifespan/human development?

How typical or common is this health issue at the stage oflife? Or is it not common?

How well does the literature/theory help you understand the person’s situation and responses? That is, how well do the generalisations in the literature help you to understand this person’s situation and responses?

-Are there any controversies in the literature?

-Are there any limitations in the studies you have found?

-Are there any differences between what the literature says and the situation provided in your case?

To prepare for your essay, you should considerthe following when reading/reviewing research articles. You will need to link the case study, e.g. Charlie to the appropriate psychosocial stage of human development and explore the way in which other models ortheories explain Charlie’s behaviour.

Research articles should be peer reviewed and not letters or opinions orfrom magazines orwebsites.

Ensure that your references are academic in nature. You should use databases via the Flinders University Library, for example, Ovid or Ebsco or ScienceDirect.


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