CaCl2 is dissolved in water. Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 steps involved in this solvation process.

1). CaCl2 is dissolved in water. Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 steps involved in this solvation process.

A) Ca+2 ions surrounded by negative sides of water molecules and Cl- ions are surrounded by positive sides of water molecules

B) Solvent-solvent interactions overcome ( hydrogen bonds between water molecules break)

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C) Solute-solute interactions overcome (Ca+2 and Cl- ions separate)

D) CaCl2 molecules absorb the water becoming larger molecules.

2).When a molecular solute is dissolved in a solvent, it will not conduct electricity. This is known as a(n)

A) nonelectrolyte

B) saturated solution

C) electrolyte

D) supersaturated solution

3). When the process of dissolution and crystallization occur at equal rates, this is known as

A) Solution equilibrium

B) an unsaturated solution

C) Immiscible

D) Miscible

4). When a solution contains the maximum amount of solute dissolved at that given temperature, this solution is said to be

A) cannot be describes as a solution

B) supersaturated

C) saturated

D) unsaturated

8). What is solvation known as when the solvent is water?

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