clinic procedures

clinic procedures
clinic procedure for three (3) of the follo
wing: (10 marks each, 100 words each)
a) Setting up the treatment area in preparation for
client//patient visit,
b) Changeover procedures between patients,
c) Management of blood and/or body fluid spills and
management of blood or body
fluid exposure,
d) Manual handling procedure
e) Cleaning the clinic
Ensure the procedure is well structured and present
ed in a format that is easily identified by
6. €“ Complete a Risk Assessment (150 wor
ds) 10 Marks
Complete a risk assessment for one (1) of the follo
wing locations:
A Complementary Therapies Clinic
An office (ie your place of employment)
A kitchen
Hint: download or develop your own working document
for this exercise. This can be in table form.
Be sure to incorporate all aspects of risk assessme
nt, for example, identify and control.
Ensure it is readily identified as a working docum
7 €“Work Health and Safety (150 words) 10 M
Richard is the cleaner employed at the Complementar
y Therapies clinic where you are working. He
has been working for the clinic for 17 years. Whil
st working late one evening, you notice that
Richard is using old and outdated methods of manual
handling when lifting and carrying heavy
i. What do you do?
ii. Who do you report this information to?
iii. Identify the hazard and/or hazards.
iv. What is the risk associated with this situation
v. Who is at risk?
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Safe Practices Assessment Pack DL
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Safe Practices €“ Assessment Summary
Assessment Tasks 100%
Satisfactory completion of the above assessment tas
ks for this unit of study will establish
competency in the following elements of the Unit of
Competency listed.
Unit Code
Units of Competency
Contribute to WHS process
HLTIN504D Comply with infection control policies a
nd procedures in health

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