Community Health Advocacy Project

Community Health Advocacy Project

Subject: Nursing


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Formulate two outcome goals that are specific to aggregate, adult Hispanics with diabetes.

Base your outcome goals on the data you collected in previous weeks. Each outcome goal must include an action verb, the result you expect, the target, and the time frame.
Consider the following questions:
?What intervention needs to happen to meet your goals?
?Who would need to be influenced to enact the program?
?Would the cost for it be feasible? Why or why not?

Includes two outcome goals that are specific to the aggregate, ADULTS HISPANICS WITH DIABETES.

Describes an intervention that would need to happen to meet the goals.

Include a description of who would need to be influenced so that the program would be adopted and used.

Include two reasons why the program or intervention would or would not be cost effective.

PLEASE follows rules of grammar, usage,and punctuation.

Structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow.

Consistent with APA guidelines for formatting and citation of outside works.
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Support please provide this writer with part 12, 2, 3,4 of this project for review.



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