Dade Medical College – Miami The Country is Tunisia

Evaluate that country in terms of supply chain ‘characteristics’. ” The Country is Tunisia.”

You will provide demographics, primarily.?

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Provide a Profile of the country you’ve chosen including, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Location and size (e.g. sq miles/kilometers and compared to US)
  • Topography (coastal, rivers, mountains, etc., which impact transportation)
  • Principle cities and political divisions which would have an impact on transportation (Political Map)
  • Population distribution/profile
  • Income and production/capita
  • Educational levels
  • Other indicators of standard of living
  • Principle products for the country (top 3-5 in each of the following categories)
    • Overall (produced in the country)
    • Exported to the world
    • Exported to the US
    • Imported from the world
    • Imported from the US

(Topographical Map)

Also, in this section, include a discussion of supply chain issues unique for your product.These might be factors discussed in company’s reports of those selling the product, or in the media.

Second, assess the Country Transportation Structure and Capabilities to include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Principle mode(s)
  • Principle modal infrastructures [Map(s) might be useful]
    • Linehaul
    • Highways, railways, & waterways
    • Type, capacity, etc.
    • Terminals
    • Airports, seaports, rail yards
    • Size, capacity, throughput (depth of water, length of runways, runway capacity, # of berths, etc.)

Then, for the above, include a brief discussion of which characteristics might influence supply chain management the most for that country.Would the characteristic make it difficult to distribute in that country?Would it make it difficult to source from that country?What?Why is that characteristic of note?

Make sure you address the risks faced sourcing in that country – consider different perspectives
This should be about 4 or 5 pages.

Be sure to include any current news articles or other current factors, such as ethical issues, that might impact supply chain management now and in the future in your assigned country.

Starting points for collecting information include the CIA Worldbook, and the Department of State webpage.If you are unable to find information and put together a brief list of questions, I might be able to find a contact.

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