Data Analysis and Findings

I have research paper part one done about Daisy’s Pet Playground, I want to write (1 to 2 page)

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This section should include a revised and improved version of data analysis and findings as well as the analysis and findings of the survey data. First report what you found from you found from the survey research. I recommend that you organize your discussion of the survey findings with subheadings based on research questions. For each research question or set of related questions you should do the following:

 State the hypothesis or research question

 Describe what is being tested if necessary

 Indicate the appropriate statistical test

 Report results and interpret the meaning in a user-friendly manner.

I have data from survey that I have done with 260 people

that Question is Importance for shaping trust in a dog service provider: ( ask people with different factors like, How happy my dog is when leaving the place,…etc)

and they choose answer from ( 1 to 5) (1. Not important at all, 2. Slightly important, 3. Moderately important, 4. Very important, and 5. Extremely important)

I will send you ( the Mean, Median, and Mode). of each factor.

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