data gathered/collected

data gathered/collected

After reading through the case study, choose a recognized health issue and use the MMWR for the last 6 months to answer the following questions.

Topic selection is first come, first served, and each student should choose a unique health issue, so make sure to post early.)

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1. When was the data gathered/collected?
2. Where was the data collected?
3. How was the data collected?
4. Who is represented in the data?
5. What is measured?
6. What is shown by the results?
7. Using the 10 principles of good public health screening found on page 21 of the Essentials Case Studies in Public Health, how does the health condition you chose from the MMWR compare to these principles?
Learning Objectives

4. Describe the public health systems, factors, and issues through biomedical, social, behavioral, and environmental lenses.

Analyze a health issue using data presented in the MMWR

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