Data Mapping / Warehousing assignment

Need help with a data mapping assignment.

Just need to match attributes to api’s

& identify which match & which do not. Basically identify the gap between them.

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Files attached.

Only the Data Mapping V0.1 is the one i created.
The 2 zip files contain the API’s
Supplier Master data contains the attributes that need to be mapped to the API’s.

The Account API’s should correspond to the Supplier facility attributes.
The Management API’s show the relationship between hierachy & supplier location.

I need to Map the files and identify the GAPS that exist between them.

So basically the Account file shows the facility information that can be in the entity table.
& Mgt file shows the relationships b/w hierachy (owner/responsible company) & supplier location.

I tried creating the file that i attached called data mapping but dont think its the way to go.

Let me know if you have further questions/comments/ concerns.

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