Data Mining And Warehousing 1

Your supervisor has asked you to create a new entity-relationship diagram for a company called Moonlight Distributors for what would be a customized shipment tracking system. Use the information below to develop the diagram.

Conceptual Model

Pickup Manifest

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    Customer information
    Pickup details
    Consignee information
    Payment methods

Delivery Truck Details

    Route number
    Driver’s name
    Employee ID
    Time logged out
    List of delivery manifests

Delivery Manifest

    Consignee information
    Delivery details
    Payment methods
    Condition of goods delivered
    Date of delivery
    Consignee signature
    Problems with delivery

Assignment Guidelines

    Create an entity-relationship diagram using the conceptual data model located in the assignment description.
    Paste your ER diagram into a Word document, and save it as U1A1LastName.

Your submitted assignment  must include the following:

    A Word document containing your entity-relationship diagram named U1A1LastName.

 Deliverable Length:
1-2-page Word document

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