Data Retrieval

Use the 2014 Fourth Quarter spreadsheet for this deliverable.

Take the original spreadsheet and delete the columns that will not be necessary in your analysis.

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In the same Excel spreadsheet, create a new tab called “Module 03 Explanation”. In the Module 03 Explanation tab, provide an explanation on the fields that you will use and the fields that you eliminated. What was your reasoning?

Submit the edited spreadsheet with only the fields you will use to determine if the sales consultants are in policy.

Save your spreadsheet as a Microsoft Excel.

Note: I’m including notes from the instructor below and including the overview I did (which received a 100 score) and the information from mod 1.

Materials in Module 1, (attached below) will give you the information you need to know what data you will want to keep on the spreadsheet for analysis. Here are some examples:

Mr. Lopez expects this team to provide:

Summary of sales consultants not adhering to policy

Sales consultants that may be in policy but behaviors are trending toward noncompliance.

Mr. Lopez expressed the need not only to look for outliners using ANox Pharmaceutics

Sales Consultant Selling Practices Policy P1029 – Year 2014, but to analyze the data beyond the policy and look for any trends that may indicate potential noncompliance of the policy.

A contract between ANox Pharmaceutics and its client is bound to a minimum and maximum amount.

The minimum sales amount per contract must be $500.00.

The maximum sales amount per contract cannot exceed $10,000.


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