1. What is the relationship between data warehouse and BI?
2. Compared to other popular ETL tools, what are the main advantages of SSIS? what are the main advantages of SAS Data Integration Studio?
3. Use examples to explain why we need a staging area in an ETL process?

4. Design a data warehouse for an application domain that you are familiar with. Make sure that the warehouse has a fact with associated levels
and measures, hierarchies. Several dimension tables (no need to draw diagram, just list the attributes of fact table and dimension tables, levels and hierarchies.

5. What is the difference between the KeyColumn, the NameColumn, and the ValueColumn for a dimension attribute in SSAS?

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6. What is the objective of physical data warehouse design? Specify different techniques that are used to achieve such objective.

7. An online order wine company requires the designing of a datawarehouse to record the quantity and sales of its wines to its customers. Part of the original database is composed by the following tables:
CUSTOMER (Code, Name, Address, Phone, BDay, Gender)
WINE (Code, Name, Type, Vintage, BottlePrice, CasePrice,Class)
CLASS (Code, Name, Region)
TIME (TimeStamp, Date, Year)
ORDER (Customer, Wine, Time, nrBottles, nrCases)

Identify the attributes associated with the fact, identify the dimensions and their attributes.Convert this ER schema to star schema.

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