Database Concepts – Statement Of Work


Creating a Statement of Work


here to review the Wild Wood Apartments scenario.

Based on the scenario, complete the following tasks:
List the major topics for this database.

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Write a statement of work to present to the Wild Wood management. 

All files needed attached below. PLEASE USE THE FORMAT PROVIDED BELOW IN THE

Submission Requirements:

Submit your response in a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document.

  • Font: Arial; 12-point
  • Line spacing: Double

Evaluation Criteria:

here to view the grading rubric for this assessment.

  • Did you list the major topics for this database?
  • Did you base the SOW on the Wild Wood Apartments scenario?
  • Did you ensure that each segment of the SOW contains sufficient detail to reflect your
  • complete understanding of the planning process?
  • Did you create the SOW in the format specified?

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