Davenport University Social Media Strategy Analysis

You will create (FCA formerly known as Chrysler ) social media strategy to convey to the public a new direction the company is taking. You will create a digital promotional piece that can be shared via social media platforms (Twitter ).

Make sure that your social media piece addresses the following:Explanation and reasoning for the new direction

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Company’s vision/mission/valuesCall-for-action button (share, subscribe, donate, etc.)

Your digital promotional piece should be original in content without influence from current promotional pieces in the marketplace.

Originality is one of the most important factors that determine virality.

You may want to consider an interaction component (such as a contest, etc.) to your promotional piece. Do NOT include a piece of marketing already developed by that company. This must be original work. See assignment rubric for additional requirements.Social Media Analysis Assignment Rubric

Social Assignment Rubric

Social Media Strategy for selection social media platform: All listed details are clearly and specifically addressed. Detailed explanation, analysis and rationale is provided for all sections below:

Explanation and reasoning for new social media direction

Company’s vision / mission / values and influence these have on the social media strategy

Digital Promotional Piece: original in content without influence from current promotional pieces in the marketplace. Significant originality and creativity is present in piece. Visual mock-up or actual created piece is included and thoroughly explained. Rationale and explanation is provided to justify why the piece makes sense, will resonate with customers, etc.

Call-for-action button (share, subscribe, donate, etc.) with reasoning why this is the appropriate and most effective method for eliciting action.

Mechanics: APA formatting is utilized.Headings and subheadings are used to identify major sections of the paper. Citations are cited using in-text citation and a reference page is included. Paper is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and/or typographical errors. Verb tense remains consistent throughout the entire paper.

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