Dawson College Mohawks of Kanesatake Proposal Paper

Choose an economy issue and pick a first nation to do the proposal on.

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The Proposal needs to identify the topic of your research, a short list of starting-point documents, and a proposed plan of the parts of the paper.

The proposal is a sales pitch. You may thus write this assignment in the first person.

The whole project is about getting to know one of the indigenous groups of Quebec. Pick a Nation (and one community) from the list on pages 71-72 of the Course Pack. This link is also useful to pick a community and find statistical information.




Later, you will also eventually compare / relate the situation of this community to its surroundings (other villages, towns or cities).

Three parts

1- Introduction

a. State the following

i. Nation / Community ii. Language

iii. Region

iv. Population (Nation and Community)

b. Provide a few numbers, the most striking, such as unemployment rate, income, etc…

Just to give us an idea of the main issues (stories) concerning the community.

c. Paste map and wrap with text.

d. Identify areas of knowledge you lack.

2- Proposed Plan

a. Propose that the paper follow the following pattern

i. Introduction

ii. Literature Review

iii. Conclusion

Annotated bibliography

a. Not a literature review

b. Each annotation presents the source, its content, its advantages and disadvantages, critical assessment by peers

c. Mandatory sources

i. APTN News, CBC Indigenous or SRC – Espaces Autochtones

ii. Academic Article or Monograph

iii. History Textbook (Dickason, Miller, or other)

iv. Statistics Canada – Census 2016.



v. Financial Reports


vi. Community Well-being Index


vii. Google Maps. Cite the website source, with a note.

viii. Novel or other cultural document (song, film, etc.)

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