De Vry University Crimson City the Series Press Release

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Crimson city the series is an indie webseries written by and starring Jennifer Quaglio. It features Maddie Sanders, a vampire hunter, and her quest to keep New York City safe from the bloodsuckers that lurk in the night—safe from danger she may or may not have accidentally caused

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Join Maddie and co. on an epic journey that will change the course of vampire history in the NYC underbelly.

We are currently in pre-production and planting all the moving pieces before our fundraising campaign launches on www.seedandspark.comlater this year. Stick with us here or any of our other socials for updates as they become available!

What makes Crimson City different from the rest?

Crimson City’s focus is on bringing strong female representation to screens near you! Our production team is mostly women and our show features women in the fierce, powerful, leadership roles where they belong. We want to show our audience that all girls can be tough, brave, and can #slayallday no matter what challenges come at them.

Will the vampires sparkle?

No, our vampires don’t sparkle, but they do have quite a few tricks up their sleeves—if you know what we mean. Our show focuses more on showing them who’s boss. Some of our biggest inspirations are shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Why should I watch this show even if I don’t like vampires?

Not everyone is into vampires like we are—and that’s totally fine! We’re way more than just a paranormal drama about dusting the undead. Crimson City is a feminist show that aims on bringing intersectionality to the forefront. All women deserve a place in this fight. We want to explore deep issues surrounding inequality and bring empowerment to often marginalized identities. After all, Crimson Citizens come in all kinds.

How can I help support Crimson City?

By making as much noise about us as humanly possible—yes, we mean it. We are a self-produced project so having our Crimson Citizens shout our name from the rooftops is a huge help! Like our stuff, share our posts, feel free to interact with us here or on our other pages.

Once we launch, you’ll be able to reap even more rewards for your loyalty in terms of merch and unique experiences with our cast

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